Jonathan Maberry has had a great few years in publishing and now quite a few of his projects are gong to be heading to both the big and the small screen! His update is brief but it lets us know what is going on with some adaptations for Joe Ledger, Rot & Ruin, and finally with V-Wars as well.

While the update itself is short and sweet there was enough details to give zombie and vampire fans a huge boost on things to look forward to.

Fans of  the character Joe Ledger, which spawned from the zombie novel ‘Patient Zero,’ are going to be hugely ecstatic as a television series is in the works! The series will launch in 2015 under the working title ‘Extinction Machine.’ Currently there is no news on a director, scribe, or even the network, but it sounds like the ink is dry and we’ll be seeing him show up somewhere. A pilot was initially written for ABC but was not picked up so it’s hard to say if they changed their minds or another network has optioned the rights. The first issue dealt with a bio-terrorist attack that ends in a zombie outbreak, but as things go on for the former Army Ranger turned detective turned member of the mysterious Department of Military Sciences(DMS) in order to help save the world.

Next, Maberry’s ‘Rot & Ruin’ young adult zombie series is going to end up as a feature length film, possibly multiple films. Again no real details on this one quite yet. The book series itself follows Benny Imura exactly fourteen years after a zombie outbreak where he is looking to survive in the community that he has grown up in.

Finally, ‘V-Wars’ will also be getting a television series. Again, not many details though this time we know that the showrunner is Tim Schlattmann who was the head writer on ‘Dexter.’ ‘V-Wars’ shows that when humanity goes exploring, we don’t always like what we find. A bacteria in Antarctica is found and silently infects those with certain heritages and ends up turning them into something quite different, some into vampires and were-creatures. In ‘V-Wars,’ we’ll see a very new take on these ancient horror tropes.

Are you looking forward to these adaptations as we are?

Source: Jonathan Maberry’s Facebook