This article contains SPOILERS for ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5, so if you aren’t up to speed, turn back now!

Midway through Season Four of ‘The Walking Dead’, the survivors of The Prison were fractured into smaller groups and scattered with seemingly nowhere to turn, much less any way of finding one another.  But slowly, over time, most of the cast was not only drawn back together, but new characters Tara, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene were brought into the fold.

After the fall of The Prison, Maggie ended up on the road with Bob and Sasha but was desperately searching for Glenn, killing a busload of walkers and slicing open her own hand to ‘paint’ messages in blood for Glenn– and only Glenn– to meet them at possible sanctuary Terminus.  Meanwhile, Beth joined Daryl on a separate path, but after some time traveling together, Beth was kidnapped by mysterious assailants in a nondescript car.

Daryl, Maggie, Bob and Sasha wound up with most of the main group in Terminus (which wasn’t what it was alleged to be), but Beth was missing for most of the first part of the current season.  Daryl told Rick that he’d been with Beth but that she was just ‘gone’ now.  But Maggie seems perfectly content to have reunited with Glenn and hasn’t made one mention of her missing sister.

Why is that?  The question was actually raised on ‘Talking Dead’ the chat show that follows every new episode of ‘TWD’.  The panel dodged the inquiry somewhat, but the show’s creator, Robert Kirkman (who also created the comic book that it’s based on) was recently asked the same question.

He couldn’t exactly cop to it being a plot hole, so this was his reply:

“It’s definitely something that will be explored. Maggie is aware that her sister is out there. Because of the nature of this world, she is probably a little bit more willing to admit that she is more than likely dead than Daryl is. That’s Daryl’s M.O. Daryl is somebody who wouldn’t stop looking for Sophia. He is not somebody that is going to accept reality in the way some of these other characters will.

You can also complain that Maggie hasn’t expressed too much loss over Hershel (Scott Wilson) just because we haven’t spent a great many scenes talking about the loss of her father. There’s been so much other stuff going on that this character is dealing that there hasn’t been an opening where she would sit down and say, ‘Oh my gosh, she’s still out there. What can we do?’

Daryl and Carol hadn’t gone on a mission to find Beth until they saw that car. There are really no options here. If Maggie had somehow been with Daryl in that scene, she would have been racing after that car jut as intently as Daryl had. The story just hasn’t shaken down that way. We will be dealing with it in upcoming episodes and you’ll definitely see where Maggie stands on this. I do stand by the fact that the character’s behavior is very much in line with the way we’ve established her.”

What do you think?  Did the show’s creators really have this planned out, or what it just an oversight, as they were focused on taking the characters in other directions?  Sound off below!

Source: Blastr