Marvel’s Ultimate Universe has been around for a while now and, shockingly, in all that time there has never been a cross-over between the Ultimate Universe (set on Earth-1610) and the “regular” Marvel Universe of Earth-616.

But, coming this June, that track record comes to an end with the release of ‘Spider-Men’. The new 5-issue mini-series will have Peter Parker of Earth-616 meeting the new Ultimate Spider-Man. In the Ultimate Universe, Peter Parker was killed at the hands of the Green Goblin. Since then, a young man by the name of Miles Morales has picked up the Spider-Man mantle to continue Peter’s superheroic work.

Here’s Marvel’s official synopsis of ‘Spider-Men’:

“When Spider-Man tracks down one of his deadliest villains, he suddenly finds himself thrust into another world where Peter Parker is dead…and there’s a new Spider-Man in town. As these two heroes learn the truth about their identities and their universes, they’ll embark on a journey that’ll leave them forever changed-and reveal a startling truth about a key player in the Spider-Man mythos!”

So who’s this “key player” and how are the Spider-Men from two different universes linked together? I’m willing to be Madame Web will show up sometime before all is said and done.

And, while I’m not an avid reader of the Ultimate Universe in general, I do like the idea of Miles Morales and can’t wait to see how he interacts with his hero (even if it’s from another world). And what about Peter Parker being pushed into a world where Gwen Stacy is still alive?

Written by Brian Michael Bendis, who is currently writing ‘Ultimate Comics Spider-Man’, and illustrated by Sara Pichelli and Jim Cheung, ‘Spider-Men’ should definitely be an eye-opening look into the Spider-Man mythology!