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Ever since a ‘Suicide Squad‘ movie was announced the big casting question on everyone’s mind was who would play the iconic Harley Quinn, the person who has become such a central member to the team. Well now we know.

In our last potential casting we had a rumor that a few big names were joining the cast including Ryan Gosling (‘Drive’,’Stay’), Margot Robbie (‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, ‘Tarzan’), Will Smith (‘Men in Black‘, ‘I Am Legend’), and Tom Hardy (‘Inception‘,’The Dark Knight Rises‘). Now it has been revealed that Harley Quinn has also been cast and it sounds like it’ll be the previously rumored Margot Robbie!

Yes, not exactly the role that I was expecting for her but it looks like David Ayers who is directing the film and calls it the “‘Dirty Dozen’ with super villains” thinks she is perfect for the part.

With the character having been introduced on ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ in 1992, not everyone is quite as familiar with her outside of standard DC fans so it’ll be interesting as to how much of her history that they plan to go into. Harley Quinn was originally created to be a combination of a girlfriend and sidekick role to The Joker and has since evolved into a much more complex character. From her early days as a psychiatrist in Arkham Asylum where she actually was trying to treat The Joker we find that he ended up seducing her by manipulating her into wanting to follow in his footsteps. While the two were inseparable at first, she has long since gone out on her own and been a member of the ‘Suicide Squad’ though we are often reminded of her twisted love for the man who helped mold her.

What do you think of Robbie being cast as Harley Quinn? Do you think she’ll be able to mix in the right amount of crazy, sexiness, humor, and being a strong willed woman who is completely dependent on a psychopath in a mentally abusive relationship? Share your thoughts below!

With ‘Suicide Squad’ scheduled to break into the big screen in 2016, expect more casting announcements soon!

Source: Collider