Netflix has proven to be quite adapt series creations and now have set their eyes on the ‘Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events’ to be adapted to the small screen. With their success with ‘House of Cards’, ‘Hemlock Grove‘, and ‘Orange Is the New Black’ as well as their pickup of the Marvel titles such as ‘Daredevil‘ the studio has really been on a roll. This new take though will help solidify the studio with younger viewers as the best-selling novels which were published between 1999 through 2006 by author Daniel Handler have had a huge following.

While the books were already adapted to a feature length film in 2004 which starred Jim Carrey it ended up falling short for Paramount and a film franchise was never in the cards. However, Netflix is taking a gamble on it now and if they have proven anything is that they can deliver some extremely solid content.

The books follow the lives of three children who are left with their cousin, Count Olaf, after their parents died in a tragic fire. Not the nicest of uncles, Olaf has plans to steal the children’s inheritance and when that fell through and the children were able to get out from living with him, he continues to try to find ways to steal what they have inherited.

With Netflix bringing quite the production value to their live action shows it wouldn’t be surprising to see the world of ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ look quite amazing on the small screen.

Tell me, are you excited to see what Netflix does with ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ for either yourself or your kidlets? Do you think this is another hit waiting to happen or will it be one of Netflix’s few flops? Share your thoughts below!

‘A Series of Unfortunate Events #1: The Bad Beginning’ Synopsis:

Dear Reader,

I’m sorry to say that the book you are holding in your hands is extremely unpleasant. It tells an unhappy tale about three very unlucky children. Even though they are charming and clever, the Baudelaire siblings lead lives filled with misery and woe. From the very first page of this book when the children are at the beach and receive terrible news, continuing on through the entire story, disaster lurks at their heels. One might say they are magnets for misfortune.

In this short book alone, the three youngsters encounter a greedy and repulsive villain, itchy clothing, a disastrous fire, a plot to steal their fortune, and cold porridge for breakfast.

It is my sad duty to write down these unpleasant tales, but there is nothing stopping you from putting this book down at once and reading something happy, if you prefer that sort of thing.

With all due respect,

Lemony Snicket

Source: Collider