It looks like not only is Victoria Smurfit (‘Dracula‘,’The Beach’) joining the cast of ‘Once Upon a Time,’ but that she will also be taking on the role of Cruella de Vil. Ever since ‘Dracula’ was cancelled, she has had a few guest roles on ‘The Missing’ and ‘The Mentalist’ but this is her first recurring job that has been on the table and could be a good fit for her. Fans of the series are all probably going to be curious how the main villain from Disney’s ‘101 Dalmatians’ and ‘102 Dalmatians’ is going to be coming to Storybrooke and how she will end up fitting into the story line that has been dominated by ‘Frozen‘ so far in the current season.

While ABC has not yet confirmed the casting, it would appear that quite a few cast members, including Emilie De Ravin (‘Lost‘,’The Hills Have Eyes’) who plays Belle on the show have been seen playing with a dalmatian. Rumor already has Cruella fe Vil making an appearance this year and with Smurfit being a good fit age wise this could be a pretty solid rumor. Having Smurfit landing this unannounced reoccurring role really seems to fit.

The real question will be how we actually see Cruella de Vil be portrayed on the show. With so many classic characters having done a complete 180 as they are shown through a new set of eyes, could she actually be helping keep the populace safe from a massive Dalmatian outbreak as the dogs try to take over Storybrooke or will she follow true to form as the villain from the cartoons and book that they are based upon?

How do you think Cruella de Vil will play out on the small screen? If you are familiar with Smurfit’s acting do you feel that she would be a good part for the role? Share your thoughts below!

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