Since 2009, X-Men fans have been demanding a proper film treatment for Deadpool. Now after spending years in developmental limbo, it was confirmed in September that 20th Century Fox would finally be giving us the Merc with a Mouth movie that we’ve all wanted. Directed by Tim Miller from a script by ‘Zombieland’ writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick and starring Ryan Reynolds, Wade Wilson should be getting the adaptation that he deserves thanks to the popularity of ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ and the studio’s desire to expand their X-Men cinematic universe. But who else will be joining the popular Marvel Comics character on the big screen? Based on comments from his co-creator Rob Liefeld, a very good friend and strong ally might be the answer.

During Stan Lee’s Comikaze over the weekend, the controversial comic creator took the stage for his own panel to discuss how he came into the industry and some of his most prominent contributions to the X-Men, including the New Mutants and Deadpool. Naturally, when one of Liefeld’s most beloved creations came up, the conversation shifted to the Fox movies. reports that he shared a story about a meeting that he had with some producers, including Richard and Lauren Shuler Donner, about the right direction to take when it came to Deadpool and Cable:

“Following Wolverine 2009, the Donners called me into their office and said, ‘Rob, we want to meet and talk to you about Deadpool, since we’re spinning it off. We know we made some missteps, and we want to get it right.’ So I sat there with a bunch of producers, and we sat for several hours, and we talked about different ideas. And I tried to steer them in directions I think. For instance, I’ll tell you, first question they said, ‘Rob, does Cable need to be in the Deadpool movie?’ And I said, ‘No, Deadpool deserves his own function and Cable should come in in his own movie.’ And they were like, ‘Ok, because we were thinking about…’ And I was like, ‘No, you can do them both separately. They don’t need to be in the same movie.’ Look, we had a long talk, we had some ideas, I can’t share them, some of them made it across the finish line.”

Based on this story, there’s a chance that Fox could ignore Liefeld’s words and throw Cable into the Deadpool movie in some capacity. Then, since he’s a time traveler, it’s possible that he could transition into ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ before spinning off into ‘X-Force’ (which doesn’t officially have a release date yet), where he’d be the team leader and his friend Wade could rejoin him. Of course, this is all speculation, but the comic creator’s further comments indicate that Cable will surface one way or the other very soon:

“Cable is awesome. And he will…when he appears on screen, we’re all going to nerdgasm, because he’s coming. They can’t hold him back. He’s coming.”

How do you think Cable will be introduced into Fox’s Marvel Cinematic Universe? Would you rather see him debut in ‘Deadpool’ or ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’? Share your thoughts in the comments below.