True Believers have been celebrating some massive Marvel movie news this week since Kevin Feige announced the studios plans for Phase Three, but let’s not forget about where the heroes of these movies came from. The publishing side of the House of Ideas has been teasing the return of some of their most epic crossover events in history since they announced ‘Secret Wars’ at this year’s New York Comic Con. So far, the likes of ‘Civil War,’ ‘Days of Future Past,’ ‘Planet Hulk,’ and even ‘Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies’ have been dangled in front of our faces with no explanation other than “Summer 2015.” Now, there are even more familiar storylines on the horizon involving the Inhumans, Logan, the Maestro, Spider-Man, and more.

Since last week, Marvel Comics has continued to release teasers that we can only assume have something to do with the upcoming culmination of ‘Time Runs Out,’ the finale of Jonathan Hickman’s ‘Avengers’ and ‘New Avengers’ runs that leads into ‘Secret Wars.’ Just like the mysterious images that came before them, these latest teasers make reference to some of the Marvel Universe’s most popular alternate dimensions or timelines. However, some are more vague than before, specifically the ‘Attilan Rising’ and ‘Renew Your Vows’ images because they don’t reference specific events from the past. Instead, the Spidey teaser calls back to a number of classic stories and the Inhumans’ teaser might reflect more recent trials and tribulations.

Another interesting teaser is the one for ‘Ultimate The End’ #1. In a clear throwback to the Ultimate Marvel Universe’s original look, this picture seems to hint at the end of this line once and for all, even though that very event has been played with before with ‘Ultimatum’ and ‘Cataclysm.’ My theory is that this one may fall in line with Marvel’s previous series of books with the ‘The End’ moniker, which provided hypothetical final stories for the company’s biggest names that took place in separate universes. Regardless of what any of them actually mean, all of the teasers in the gallery below certainly hint at something big coming from Marvel Comics next summer:

What do you think about Marvel Comics’ latest wave of 2015 teasers? Have these additionally images helped you shape a clearer theory about what’s to come? Let us know in the comment section.