Turtle Rock Studios have revealed the progression system for their upcoming cooperative/competitive multiplayer shooter ‘Evolve.’

‘Evolve’ will feature two different level up systems: Character Progression and Player Progression.

Character Progression is the experience earned within a match that goes towards the player’s chosen character’s mastery of a variety of skills, weapons and abilities. By mastering a character, the next character in that class is unlocked.

In Character Progression, weapons and abilities are graded on a three-star scale measured at “Skilled,” “Expert” and “Elite.” Every time that a player levels up in a star rank by dealing a specific amount of damage to a particular target, they can earn a permanent perk that enhances their weapon. For example, for the assault rifle of the game’s hunter character, Markov:

  • Skilled (1 Star) Deliver xx points of damage to anything in the world, get +2% accuracy.
  • Expert (2 Stars) Deliver xx points of damage to the Monster, get +5% accuracy.
  • Elite (3 Stars) Deliver xx points of damage to the head of Monsters, get +10% accuracy and the Elite Assault Rifle

Player Progression is the experience that is put toward improving a player’s overall rank, of which there are 40 levels. With each rank, players are granted a variety of perks that they can assign to themselves before entering a match, such as damage bonus, weapon switch speed increase and faster health regeneration. As experience is gained, players can also gain awards and medals.

Unfortunately, after the Halloween weekend Alpha, all experienced earned will not be carried over.

For those unfamiliar with ‘Evolve,’ it is a cooperative/competitive class-based multiplayer shooter that pits four player-controlled hunters against an a monstrous alien, controlled by a fifth player. Hunters must destroy the alien in order to win. However, the alien must kill all four hunters or fulfill a secondary objective specific to the map to win. While hunters have the power of numbers on their side, the alien can hunt monsters in the game world in order to evolve into a stronger form.

‘Evolve’ will release on February 10, 2015 for PS4, Xbox one and PC.

Source: Evolve Official Website