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We know some big names have been offered roles in DC’s ‘Suicide Squad‘ film slated for a 2015 release, but now it sounds as if we’ll be seeing Jessie Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor involved with it as well. While they appear to be just in talks at the moment, it would be the perfect way to continue the character introduced in ‘‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ who may or may not appear in future ‘Justice League’ or any of the other unannounced ‘Superman’ films.

Of course, just because he is in talks with DC Comics and Warner brothers for a role in the film doesn’t mean that he’ll be playing one of the villains turned government lackey in it. With his wealth and influence he could be the person put in charge of part of the ‘Suicide Squad’ either as the one who helps form it or the one who develops a process to help these super villains stay in line. It could even just be a glorified cameo as there is no word on what kind of a role he has here. I won’t lie that I think it could be truly interesting to see him acting across from both Will Smith and Tom Hardy, assuming they take the roles that were offered.

With talks still being early in the process, we really have no idea where he could fit into things here. That being said it would be a great place to help insert Eisenberg back into the DC Universe with no clear direction on where he could pop up again on the current list of DC movies being released through 2020.

How would you like to see Lex Luthor fit into the ‘Suicide Squad’ film? Do you think he’s got the right chops to actually be a part of the black ops team of super villains or would they have another use for the character? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline