On the most recent episode of ‘Meet the Movie Press,’ co-host Mark Reilly has been making his opinion known about ‘Terminator: Genisys,’ having claimed to have heard all the plot details and story points from a reliable source. If you listen to Reilly’s opinion, things are not looking good for the aging franchise:

“I have a very, very good source that has been right every time with stuff he or she has given me. And I know the whole movie of’Terminator Genisys. I’m not going to spoil the movie. The real kind of scoop would ruin the movie. I’m just not into that…This is what I’ll say..We’re in trouble. This movie…I think it’s going to piss off Terminator fans. I think it’s going to be the last nail in the coffin in the franchise. The way that they are trying to spin a new take on the Terminator series? I don’t even think it looks good on paper. I know the ending. I know who the villain is. And it’s out of left field.”

What he does reveal to us is not much different than what most people have already surmised, but here it is:

“Again, it is Arnold coming back as old Terminator. And time traveling. The time traveling elements are going to confuse the hell out of everyone. That is what I’m hearing. The Terminator and new Terminators…We got a hybrid of the Terminator in Salvation…Now we have a different form of a Terminator…Which I will not get into because that is a big spoiler…But there is a different sort of Terminator coming out and its a reach. I’m like, why are you doing this? Can’t we just go back to the basics? I would love to see Skynet’s last attempt to destroy the Conner family for the future, and send in the last Terminator they have, and its the old T-800 model, Arnold Schwarzenegger as the bad guy.”

So what is it that he believes is going to kill the franchise? Based on his vague words, there is a very real chance that at the end of the film either John Connor himself or Kyle Reese will be revealed to be a terminator, which would explain his words about a “..different form of Terminator,” as well as his words about the villain being “out of left field.” However, we should keep in mind that one man’s opinion should not be enough to condemn a movie that has not even been released yet. Perhaps his source is missing some essential piece of information, or the creative team has a grand plan for how its all going to work together and really pay off this twist villain/ new terminator. Personally, I’m going to remain cautiously optimistic.

Terminator: Genisys’ will hit theaters in July of 2015.

Source: MovieWeb.com