A chipper opening in ‘Sleepy Hollow’ is typically a foreboding sign, and never has it been truer than this episode. Ichabod spends some sweet moments with seamstress and Colonial aficionado, Ms. Caroline, which quickly spirals into awkwardness when she attempts to display her affections. Crane being Crane, becomes upset over inadvertently hurting one of his few friends and is determined to apologize in person, despite Abbie’s insistence to text her.

Back in the lair of evil, Katrina finds a way around the wards binding her, managing to send a crow off with a message for Ichabod. She isn’t able to accomplish this without arousing suspicion, however, and the Headless Horseman collaborates with Henry over how best to deal with the situation. Neither can agree on the proper course and it ends with Henry seeming eager to take matters into his own hands.

At Ms. Caroline’s home, Crane’s apology is taken quite well and their friendship easily restored. Upon his exit, however, a sinister women in tattered rags attacks Ms. Caroline. At the same time, a frisky teenage couple down by the river hears strange cries moments before a body slams into the windshield of their vehicle.

The following morning – Ms. Caroline’s body is found dead by the very same river, causing Crane and Abbie much dismay. The time of death matches the same moment Ichabod had left her place the night before, leaving them curious as to how her corpse could end up miles away mere moments later. Discovering one of Caroline’s possessions a bit further up the shore leads them to tire tracks by a ‘Lover’s Lane’. After a quick conversation with some local gossip girls, the duo questions the teenagers from the previous night, discovering the attacker to be a local legend called the Weeping Lady.

A quick foray to the library to dig up information proves instantly profitable, as Crane receives the message-by-crow from Katrina while Abbie encounters Hawley. The relic hunter is busy gathering knowledge to be better prepared for the next monster encounter, appearing eager to make amends. He even goes so far as to promise Abbie assistance before scurrying off with a wink and a grin.

Help couldn’t come at a better time as the Weeping Lady rears her veiled head and immediately targets Abbie within the library. A quick grab from the spirit has Abbie teleported and fighting for her life underwater, in the very same river Ms. Caroline’s body was discovered. With some effort, Ichabod manages to wrench Abbie free and thanks to swift action from Hawley, her life is saved.

While she recovers, Ichabod studies more into the stories surrounding this new threat. He quickly discovers a link between himself and the creature, who was before known as his former betrothed, Ms. Mary Wells. She inexplicably arrived at the colonies from England, having traveled after hearing rumblings of his defection. Upon seeing Crane’s interactions with Katrina, Mary became enraged and demanded he prepare himself to travel back home with her.

Much to his surprise, he received a letter the next day in which she apologized for her behavior and explained her desire to immediately return to England alone. Her sudden reappearance is even more shocking to Ichabod, which leads him and Abbie to wonder if she even left Sleepy Hollow to begin with. With this knowledge they uncover Mary’s next target: Katrina.

Heading to the docks for a meeting with Hawley, they get their hands on an ancient crossbow and a bolt enchanted with runes. Surprisingly, Hawley lends them over free of charge, claiming only to be interested in if they work or not.

Now armed and somewhat prepared, Abbie and Ichabod sneak towards the safe house Katrina is held at just as the Headless Horseman rides off. It appears to be perfect timing until they stumble across Katrina’s letter to Crane floating in a puddle of water.

Worried they could be too late, the pair rushes to the river and find Katrina safe, yet soaked, on the shores. She broke free from Mary’s grasp with a touch of her own magic, but the vengeful spirit is still in pursuit.

Katrina and Abbie attempt to form an incantation to free Mary’s spirit while Ichabod attempts to distract her, hoping to buy enough time for them to succeed. Things take a turn for the worst, so he attempts to use the rune-covered bolt which has little effect. Mary charges straight towards the women but is stopped by the spell just in time.

Crane comforts Mary in her final moments only to discover her story did not end the way he thought. Katrina had lied to him yet again, and even faked the supposed letter from Mary in an attempt to keep Crane in America. Before Ichabod and Katrina can even attempt to reconcile, the Headless Horseman whisks Katrina away, sparing Abbie and Ichabod at her bequest.

Later on, Jenny returns Hawley’s bow with the unfortunate news it proved a dud. But a surprise kiss and snag of a coffee show it wasn’t her only reason for visiting.

At a colonial-era themed service for Ms. Caroline, Abbie and Ichabod discuss the particulars of the case with Katrina’s actions driving a deeper wedge between the couple. He declares himself more focused on their duties than ever before, which is revealed to have been Henry’s plan all along and his reason for using dark arts to bring back Mary in the first place.

However, all is not well in the ranks of evil. Henry’s actions gain him a scolding for Moloch as Katrina is apparently one of the ‘Hellfire Shades’ and it is imperative she remain alive for the demon lord’s plans to succeed.

With so many questions answered and asked, events are spiraling towards a dangerous clash. Hopefully the team will manage to assume a united front soon, before their enemies’ mange to do the same.