When you think of  the main villain of ‘Scream,’ you think of whoever is dressed up as Ghostface. Unfortuantely MTV isn’t going to be using him in their new ‘Scream’ series. That’s right ladies and gentlemen! The central villain of the ‘Scream’ franchise won’t be in the upcoming new television show.

Most horror franchises are all about the great villains like Jason in ‘Friday the 13th’ and Freddy in ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’. Can you imagine a ‘Halloween movie that doesn’t include Michael Myers? Yes, you can! It was called ‘Halloween 3: Season of the Witch’ and has universally been panned by every fan of the ‘Halloween’ franchise for not including Myers.

Now it looks like with FunWorld owning the rights to Ghostface, his appearance in the MTV reboot is questionable. According to RJ Torbert of FunWorld:

“Please note, that I had been in communication with TWC regarding this and they have informed me, that as of now, and during the initial launch that GHOST FACE® is not involved in the new format. They also indicated that because of this direction, it does not mean, that Ghost Face® will not be involved at a later date. So, there is still a question, to the question. However, as of now, there is no involvement.”

So could he pop up later in the series? Absolutely. Is it a smart idea to not include him from the offset? Chances are it isn’t. I could imagine one or two episodes being able to go by without directly introducing him with some mysterious deaths, but no Ghostface involved in the new format at the launch? This just seems like we’re in for a whole lot of a bad concept for a series.

Torbert seems to agree but it isn’t his place to tell MTV what to do.

“We believe SCREAM is GHOST FACE, and GHOST FACE® is Scream. However, while GHOST FACE® is owned by Fun World, The Scream Motion Picture Franchise is owned by The Weinstein Company and it is their option to Film a movie or T.V. SHOW without GHOST FACE®. Regardless, we wish them the best of luck and I’m sure SCREAM FANS will check out the series. Who knows what will happen in the future regarding the series and Ghost Face®. Never say Never.”

As a fan of ‘Scream’ (even the horrible third film), I would say that without Ghostface I personally am not all that interested. They appear to be planning to focus more on the rules of horror that made Randy such a great character in the first films over the killer behind it all.

Tell me though, am I in the minority? Are you going to check out a new take on ‘Scream’ regardless if there is a Ghostface killer involved or not? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Slash Film