The final inner sailor scout has appeared, and it’s Sailor Venus! And she’s wearing a completely different outfit, something which the sailor scouts can recognize despite the fact she is standing about one hundreds away.

In any case, Sailor Venus reveals that she is the princess the scouts have been so eager to protect, and very little else… which is sort of telling about this episode. After all, it’s twenty minutes long, and it’s very light on plot. Three things happen: 1. Sailor Venus remains mysterious and doesn’t tell anyone anything except that she’s the princess 2. Usagi falls more in love with Mamoru who is having troubles dealing with the fact he couldn’t save Sailor Moon, and 3. Sailor Venus tries to defeat Kunzite (who we have barely met) after he causes a black out. Why Kunzite decides to show up as a baddie finally, I don’t know. Why it feels like they have underlying animosity between them? Well, that’s not exactly clear (without some spoilers about their past, naturally).

The more I think about it, the more I’m actually surprised that anything happened at all in this episode. You know, aside from Mamoru sacrificing himself to save Sailor Moon at the cliffhanger.

Still, it was a charming episode. Whether it’s Usagi stealing a kiss from Mamoru before launching herself into battle (her confidence and earnestness in love one of her most endearing aspects), or the power of friendship coming to save the day, ‘Sailor Moon’ continues to have a positive message twenty years after its inception, even if the plot seems thin at times.

Though, I do have one nitpick. Some of you may have been giving Artemis, Minako’s cat companion a double take. If you think he looks a little off, you’re right. They changed his eye color from dark blue to green. Why? I have no idea. I also have no idea why I care, but I do. They are staying true to all the outfits and tiara changes that happen in the manga, why change the cat’s eyes?

Despite the eyes, and the thinness of the plot meant to set up the next episode, it’s still a good watch. I hope all of you are ready for one of the most key chapters for the first ‘Sailor Moon’ arc. We’ll see you in two weeks!