We’re back and just like in ‘Magneto’ #10 we’re smack dab in the middle of a major event. The last issue addressed a concern I had and this one seems to continue on a little further into the fighting.

While Cullen Bunn once again proves that he knows how to write Magneto, I feel that his hand was a little forced on the inclusion of other characters. The moments with Doom and Deadpool felt right but when you threw in his mutant ex-companions and another Goddess things started to go wrong. Mix in some of Spidey’s villains and it felt completely out of place on every level. Also, the timing that we were told this would take and how much it actually took were completely different.

Gabriel Hernandez Walta was a saving grace in the issue because at the very least all of the characters, even those not usually in Magneto’s world, looked right. There wasn’t anything to complain about here and a lot of praise can be heaped onto the action sequences as well as standard scenes where Magneto is confronting the villains that he is recruiting.

We’re still up to our ears in the ongoing AXIS event in the ‘Magneto’ title and if you haven’t been reading the main book, this may feel greatly out of place. The events here actually take place half way between the first third of the second issue of the main AXIS title and the very end of the book so there is no good way to really read this and that is a huge problem for me. Also the events in this book apparently only take place over 2-3 hours. I think it’s great that Magneto is so amazing that he can go home, sulk, track down every character on this list, get to them all and convince them to join his quest, and get back to the fight all in three hours, however, the pacing for this issue feels completely off.

Also while I understand the event and his idea calls for recruiting super villains, I feel that at the very least Carnage and Hobgoblin feel complete off base from who the Master of Magnetism would have any interest in recruiting whatsoever. They really felt forced in here. That being said, the rest of the cast which he calls upon does feel right and I’d love to see how his new team fairs against the Red Skull.

Overall I liked the concept for the issue I just have some major complaints in timing of when things are happening and how long they happening for. Mix in the fact that two of Magneto’s recruits don’t seem to be people he would care to recruit, let alone care about, and what could have been one of the best installments in this series fell pretty flat for me. I don’t blame the writer or the artist for the issues here but the event itself.


Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Gabriel Hernandez Walta