Microsoft has released a launch trailer for the second season of the Xbox One exclusive fighter ‘Killer Instinct,’ which looks to putting in a number of new additions.

Joining the roster in the second season of ‘Killer Instinct’ are classic fighters TJ Combo, Maya, Riptor and Cinder. Four more additional fighters are slated to be revealed later as the new season keeps moving onward. Pre-existing characters from the first season will be getting brand new moves and rebalances to their attacks.

Other than new characters and rebalances to other fighters, new features in the second season will include a new interface as well as refined combat mechanics that put in additional focus on aerial combat. With these new mechanics, players can now trigger Air Breakers and Air Counter-Breakers as a response to juggles. New Aerial Captures also allow players to continue their own combos on the ground after a mid-air combo sequence.

The game itself is available in two different editions. Players looking to play as TJ Combo and Maya, as well as gaining future access to the season’s six new fighters, can do so by getting the Combo Breaker Pack priced at $14.99. Those looking for a little extra content can get the second season’s Ultra Edition, which comes with with a set of alternate costumes, accessory kits and a port of 1996’s ‘Killer Instinct 2’ for $39.99.

Developing the second season this time is Iron Galaxy Studios, a studio best known for their fighting game work on ‘Divekick.’ The first season of the game had originally been developed by Double Helix Games. However, after the studio was recently purchased by Amazon, Microsoft had to shift over development duties to Iron Galaxy Studios. ‘Killer Instinct’ on the Xbox One is the newest entry in the cult classic ‘Killer Instinct’ fighting game series originally developed by iconic game studio Rare.

‘Killer Instinct Season 2’ is available now exclusively on Xbox One.