A new rumor has Joss Whedon stepping down from directing ‘The Avengers 3’ (and possibly 4) and  Joe and Anthony Russo taking over duties for those two films. One might wonder what would cause the directors who helmed the outstanding ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘ to take over ‘The Avengers,’ however, when you add in that Robert Downey Jr. has just signed on for ‘Captain America 3’ and that it will follow the ‘Civil War‘ story line it would start to make more sense.

If ‘The Avengers 3’ is lead by a new team that Captain America runs or is a direct continuation from the events that occur in ‘Captain America 3,’ it could be completely logical for the Russo brothers to pickup where this ‘Civil War’ film ends off. But then again, the title ‘Civil War’ is not set in stone and rumors at one time had the film’s subtitle as ‘Fallen Son’ which may refer to the fall of Captain America.

Does that mean Bucky will return? Well it actually sounds like we might be seeing a few big players return which includes Falcon, War Machine, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye and Black Widow as well. Now if you ask me, that almost sounds like an Avengers lineup. I wonder if they are just implying what roster we may see in the third ‘Avengers’ film or if it all somehow stems from this ‘Civil War’ plot point. I’m also curious how exactly they will go about this as the registration act that kicked off the comic version wouldn’t matter as much here with the limited number of superheroes and the fact that most of their identities are already public knowledge.

So True Believers, what do you think of ‘Captain America 3’ changing the team of ‘The Avengers’ and being responsible for the direction of the third movie? Do you think this is how they’ll keep Downey on for a third ‘Avengers’ film by actually having him in the fourth one? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Bad Ass Digest