With an original commitment to 16 episodes it looks as if ‘Gotham‘ has just been green lit for a full series order from Fox. That’s right ladies and gentlemen who have been enjoying the origin of Gotham’s finest in Gordon and some of the worst as well. We’re going to be getting at least 22 episodes of the show. While the series has had mixed reviews across the board it is also the most-seen series debut on the network in the 21st century. Not only that but the numbers have been remaining steady with no viewership turn-off in sight at the moment.

So a full series order means that the first season will run at least 22 episodes if not longer depending on viewship levels over the next six months.

According to Fox Television Group CEOs Gary Newman and Dana Walden:

“Gotham debuted as one of the most buzzed-about shows of the fall, and with good reason. Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon have created an incredibly rich world, with characters that draw you in and a cast that brings to life these heroes and villains in a way we’ve never seen before. We are so excited to see where Bruno, Danny and the entire Gotham team take this story over the course of this season, and so thankful to all the fans who have embraced it this fall.”

While that is potentially great news for fans, the producers might suddenly not be too happy about this announcement. According to executive producer Danny Cannon at this last weekend’s New York Comic Con, “We’re aiming at 16 [episodes] right now and we have two other seasons figured out if they care to give us the go ahead. Once the ball started rolling on all these characters, and Commissioner Gordon’s journey and Bruce Wayne’s journey, once we figured that out we spread it out to fit those 16. If they were to change the order, we would have an emergency meeting.”

It looks like they’ll be seeing that emergency meeting happen after all and hopefully they are able to find a way to either stretch the story or add a cliffhanger that will be just as successful as the one they have planned a further 6 episodes in. Crafting a well orchestrated attention capturing moment in only six episodes might prove to be a blow to the success that the series has been enjoying so far, especially if they have to end up changing the one that they currently have planned out. Of course this could just mean we’re about to get six filler episodes thrown at us as well.

Are you glad to hear that we’ll be seeing more of ‘Gotham’ on Fox or do you think that the studio may have ruined how the first season will end up coming together?

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Source: Screen Rant