At this year’s New York Comic Con, Marvel Comics announced that they would be throwing it back to the 1980s with an all-new ‘Secret Wars’ from mastermind writer Jonathan Hickman. Though no details were really revealed, many assume that it will share some similarities with the iconic Jim Shooter storyline. But now, ‘Secret Wars’ isn’t the only major crossover that the House of Ideas is teasing for a return.

One day removed from NYCC 2014, Marvel issued a press release with an image by Adi Granov that indicates some sort of revival of the 2006-2007 crossover event ‘Civil War’ by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven. The image is laid out like the series’ minimal covers and depicts Captain America and Iron Man playing tug-o-war with Iron Spider-Man. Finally, the only text in the e-mail besides the title sits in the space where the issue number would usually go near the bottom of the page: “Summer 2015”. You can check out the image below:

If you’re unfamiliar with the storyline, it followed the aftermath of the United States government’s Superhuman Registration Act, which forced costumed heroes to reveal their identities and undergo training. The Marvel Universe was split down the middle when Iron Man sided with the pro-registration forces and Captain America led the resistance. Ultimately, this massive hero vs. hero battle royale culminated in the devastating death of Steve Rogers and the rise of Bucky Barnes as Captain America.

As I said, no other details were shared with this image, but it’s possible that Marvel is looking to release some sort of self-contained flashback series to expand on the ‘Civil War’ storyline, similar to what was done with ‘1602’ or ‘House of M.’ There’s also a chance that this could have something to do with ‘Secret Wars’ and add another layer to this already massive storyline. But until we find out what it is for sure, share your thoughts and theories in the comment section.