Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the campground… MOOSE JAWS! Yes, that is going to be exactly what it sounds like. Yes, it is going to be absurd. And yes, it will be a film that will be remembered for years to come; if only for the fact that it exists. In the words of Kevin Smith, the writer and director behind the recently announced upcoming film, “It’s ‘Jaws’… but with a moose.” 

Announced during his ‘Comic Book Men’ panel at New York Comic Con 2014, ‘Moose Jaws’ is still in early development and isn’t even finished being written yet. But it IS being written, and Kevin couldn’t be more excited. “It’s going to be amazing. These days I’m only making the movies that I want to make, not the movies people are necessarily asking for. Did anyone ask for a movie about a man being sewn into a Walrus suit? F*ck no. But that’s the movie that I wanted to make, because no one had ever done it yet. And I think that’s because people didn’t know they wanted it. That’s ‘Moose Jaws.'”

‘Moose Jaws’ is the third part in Smith’s planned ‘Canadian Horror’ trilogy following ‘Tusk’ and ‘Yoga Hosers.’ The film is set in Canadian summer camp and features a large moose with a taste for human flesh. According the Smith, acclaimed designer Robert Kurtzman is already working on a “giant man-eating moose” even now as you are reading this.

One bit of interesting news that developedd live during the ‘Comic Book Men’ panel, was the decision that the Comic Book Men themselves would be featured in the film now as camp counselors after one fan suggested it to Smith during a Q&A segment. “You know, that scene wasn’t in the movie, but it sure as hell is now. We’re going to need camp counselors, so why the hell NOT these guys?”.

Aside from the big ‘Moose Jaws’ reveal, the ‘Comic Book Men’ panel focused on the new season of AMC’s hit reality series that features Smith’s rag-tag team of friends, comprised of Walt Flanagan, Bryan Johnson, Ming Chen, and Michael Zapcic, who keep his comic shop operating regularly and get into all kinds of awesome adventures while showcasing some amazing comics and collectibles. The whole crew was on hand as they screened clips of the upcoming fourth season of the series, which will feature several big name guest stars like Adam West, Billy Dee Williams, and Joseph Simmons of Run DMC. Fans of the show can also expect to see an epic drag-race showdown between two iconic pop-culture vehicles that we don’t want to give away just yet, but trust us, it isn’t one you want to miss!

Season Four of ‘Comic Book Men’ premieres on Sunday October 12, 2014 at Midnight &11pm Central. Kevin Smith’s ‘Moose Jaws’ is in development and ‘Tusk’ is still in theaters now, so you can go see a man turn another man into a Walrus on the big screen!