In ‘X-Force’ #9 we learned that MI-13 has informed X-Force that an unknown agency has been spying on every mutant across the world. Wonderful. With Cable’s current want to be the militant arm of mutantkind in the guise of trying to save his daughter, you just know that he isn’t going to be too happy about this group of individuals.

The problem is figuring out who they are and how to track them to their home base. Well, that isn’t a problem for long as this entire issue revolves around the mutant known as ForgetMeNot! Who? He’s been in every issue out there so far but you probably just can’t remember him. Actually ForgetMeNot was introduced by Spurrier in ‘‘X-Men Legacy’ #300. His mutant power is that everyone forgets who he is and that he’s there or ever even existed within moments of meeting him.

Hell of an annoying power to have a social life but we were shown a slew of flashbacks in where he was the true savior in many of our mutants most famous battles over the years.

Spurrier has done a fantastic job at taking a character he teased us with half a year ago and bringing him to the forefront of being useful. He’s a mutant we won’t be seeing much of but whenever we do, it’ll most likely be a fun and creative way to have him save the day. Assuming that he can survive an outing with Cable and his crazy crew of course.

While most of the issue is confined to X-Force’s current base of operations, Rock-he does a great job in giving us a feel of the layout and what else is on the base. Unbeknowst to Cable and company they actually aren’t alone here. What is with them doesn’t seem to be all of that important, at least, until ForgetMeNot is involved.

It is no surprise to the reader on who is behind the greatest invasion of privacy that mutantkind has ever known, but what was surprising is that there could be a new lead on getting there. We were also given a more intimate take on X-Force as ForgetMeNot was in the room quite a bit without anyone realizing it. Intimate was the right word for a couple of these pairings though it also gave us a worrisome look at one member of the team in particular who’s truly starting to lose his marbles even more so than we had been told in the past.

Overall ‘X-Force’ #10 was a great stepping stone issue. It brought back one of Spurrier’s characters and was able to move the plot and character development forward without a lot of actual action happening. I didn’t feel this was Spurrier’s best work. More of a filler issue and not quite a newcomer issue it served its purpose for moving the plot forward but didn’t strike the chords that Spurrier usually is able to hit. At the very least we should be moving onto another big picture issue soon, or at the least see the return of a captured X-Force member which will finally show us whose side she is now on.


Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artist: Rock-he Kim