Nintendo has just released a new trailer for its upcoming ‘Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker’ that showcases gameplay and an unlockable character, Toadette, Captain Toad’s companion.

Originally a mini-game featured in ‘Super Mario 3D World,’ ‘Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker’ is a stand-alone spin-off game that stars Captain Toad as he sets off on an adventure to save Toadette after she is kidnapped by a giant bird named Wingo, who steals their only power star.

The trailer shows off the ‘Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker’s’ main gameplay which has players controlling Captain Toad (Toadette can also be unlocked as a playable character later in the game after she is rescued.) through a variety of enemy-infested maze-like stages in order to collect coins and gold stars. The trailer also showcases some the navigation mechanics like how when players move Captain Toad, they also have to shift the camera so that they can see different parts of the stage that hold different treasures and pathways.

The game will feature a variety of abilities and power-ups in it. For example, players can gain access to magical pick axe that can allow Captain Toad to dig through the ground and a double cherry that will let him clone himself in order to solve puzzles.

A few of the game’s enemy types are also shown off in the trailer as well like Shy Guys, Piranha Sprouts and Flaptors. Each have their own unique means of attacking Captain Toad, to which players will have to figure out ways of avoiding.

‘Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker’ itself is set to feature over 70 different levels to play in. From what has been seen so far in the trailer, this includes levels that take place on a speeding night train, a haunted house and even a pinball machine-like location. Boss stages are also heavily featured in the game as well.

‘Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker’ will release for the Wii U on December 5.