Zoisite has a new plan to get the Silver Crystal, and it involves using a movie rental shop to convert the citizens of Japan into Sailor-Moon-hunting zombies.

Yes. You heard right. A movie rental shop.

To convert people into zombies.

The good news is that ‘Sailor Moon Crystal’ is at least trying to keep up with the massive technological changes in the last two decades by making sure Ami uses some sort of Ipad, and that the video store of the 90s manga is actually now a DVD rental store. Why this particular store is suddenly so popular when rentals stores on the descent, I’ll just have to equate to Zoisite’s amazing powers.

Why the DVD works in an joystick arcade machine for Luna to analyze, I’ll also have to equate to Luna’s amazing powers.

While the word is going bonkers looking for Sailor Moon, Usagi and Mamora finally discover each other’s secret identities (which really shouldn’t be all that secret since they look exactly the same in their superhero forms), and give each other nicknames. They don’t have much time to dwell on it because Usagi needs to go save all her zombified friends.

Of course, Zoisite is just as powerful as he was last episode, and he manages to take on four sailor scouts and Tuxedo Mask without breaking a sweat. It really makes you wonder why we got the whiny jerk in the original series when we could have awesome, gender-fluid, fight-to-the-death Zoisite this whole time.

In any case, Tuxedo Kamen does a frightfully bad job of saving Sailor Moon, and it becomes up to the mysterious Sailor V to save the day.

As I have mentioned numerous time, the pacing on the manga is not great. It tends to be a mishmash of speech bubbles, and it’s hard to really decide what time or place the characters are in before it changes to another scene. ‘Sailor Moon Crystal’ did an excellent job of bringing the chapter to life, and is giving me an appreciation for the earlier chapters of the manga that I don’t think I ever really gave my full attention to.

Still, the episode was a bit more of the same, as in evil tries to do evil, and good prevails. But, with the introduction of Sailor V, you know we are fast approaching the conclusion to find out (well, re-find out for us hard core Sailor Moon fans) who the Moon Princess is, and what is Tuxedo Mask’s connection to her.

All in all, an enjoyable episode.