Not even motion posters are safe from Easter eggs and internet scrutiny, as the recently released poster for Marvel/ Netflix’s ‘Daredevil’ proves. The poster may seem innocuous enough, with Matt Murdock slowly making his way down a street in Hell’s Kitchen, approaching the camera while voice-overs from various characters in the series echo around him. But if one looks (and listens) closely, there are a number of hidden items in the poster.

First off, and not so hidden, is the Avengers Tower looming in the background off to the right. Formerly Stark Tower, it seems Tony has stuck with the remaining “A” on the tower and made it officially the home of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, which looks after not only the world, but also New York itself, which presumably would include Matt Murdock’s neighborhood, lending credence to the idea of at least one Avenger making an appearance on the show.

Second, if one listens to around the 3 second mark, right before Fisk says “not fast enough,” the distinctive sound of an Iron Man repulser can be heard. Whether this is just harkening to the first line of the poster with a woman saying “This city is changing,” a veiled reference to the new superhero presence and the recovery efforts after everything that happened in ‘The Avengers,’ is unclear. It could just as easily be a tease that Iron Man, Tony Stark, or Stark Industries could have a role to play in ‘Daredevil.’

Some minor Easter eggs include a window on the left side of the frame with a sign saying “Nelon and Murdock,” which is the name of the law firm that Murdock works at alongside his partner Foggy Nelson. Another sign seen behind Matt is a neon one for “Josie’s.” Josie’s was a popular hang-out in the ‘Daredevil’ comics for Matt, Foggy and Karen Page in comics released during the Silver Age, and it looks like it will be making a resurgence on the show.

Lastly, and what has fans the most excited, is the reflection of Matt Murdock in the wet asphalt below him. As he is walking, it becomes clear that the reflection below him is different, in both movement and clothing than Matt himself. As he stops at the end, it seems the reflection is wearing a red-tinged costume, complete with utility belt, perhaps the first glimpse we have of ‘Daredevil’ in his final suit.

Did we miss anything? What do you think of the red suit? Are people reading too much into the motion poster? Let us know in the comments below!