Last week on Dexter, Astor, Cody and Harrison came to see Dexter just as things start getting heated with Hannah. Deb confesses to Dexter she is in love with him after he tells her that him and Hannah had gotten together. Issak is dealing with the Koshka Brotherhood turning on him, after Dexter kills an assassin in Issaks home. Will staying with Hannah be harmful to Dexter and Deb’s relationship? How would you react to everything going on in Dexter’s situation?

Dexter takes Hannah out on his boat when he discovers that she has a fear of water. Her father had tossed her in a lake when she was 6 to teach her to swim, and the only reason she didn’t drown was because one of the fishermen rescued her. Hannah asks Dexter if he’s ever felt that fear, but before anything is said he is called into work.

Issak and his assistant discuss the unfortunate situation that they have found themselves in. The assistant informs him that two men have come to kill him, from the Brotherhood itself. Issak calls them to try and talk things through, but they reject him. In desperation, Dexter finds Issak on his doorstep asking for his help to stay alive. He tells Dexter that he needs the element of surprise, and knowing that Dexter is a killer, he would be the perfect person for it. Issak tells him his life is his offer, but Dexter shows him the door.

On the crime scene, a body is burned alive in a car. The arson investigator rules it as a suicide, even with Dexter protesting. Deb comes to the scene, which Dexter pulls her to the side. They talk about their awkward conversation, which Dexter tells her he is glad that she said it. He tells her its okay, that it is logical. They endured things together, they are each others constant (Lost reference?) that maybe that is what love is. Dexter tries to comfort her, but Deb says that “Mom got cancer to take the easy way out.” She tries to continue to talk to him, but he gets distracted by a text message from Hannah, making her walk away from him.

Upon arriving home that night, Issak appears in his kitchen, while Dexter was expecting Hannah. Issak has taken Hannah as hostage for Dexters help in his situation. Dexter threatens Issak, but he tells him that Hannah would die, calling Dexters bluff on not caring for her. They work out a deal, where Hannah would live and Issak walks away from Miami without killing Dexter. Hannah and Dexter have two seconds on a video call so Dexter knows she is alive. Issak then briefs Dexter on the two men that are after him. They are both deadly assassins. Issak and Dexter then talk about their reasons for killing, but Dexter doesn’t let him in. Dexter turns to Deb to call off the 24 hour watch on Issak. He explains the situation, and very reluctantly Deb agrees to.

Dexter goes to the only firing range that one of the assassins could possibly go to. In a not very Dexter like manner, Dexter stabs him through the back as he tests his new gun. Dexter calls and lets Issak know, where they decide that Dexter will be bait for the second assassin. Dexter then goes to see Deb, who lets him know that they found Issak’s assistant car abandoned. They discuss the lack of emotion that Dexter feels, unless it comes to Hannah. Deb apologizes for her harsh words towards Hannah before, but she just wants Dexter to be safe, making him promise to think about things.

George is confronted by the second assassin, who tells him to go after Dexter. Back at Issaks, Dexter tells Issak he wants to talk to Hannah before things continue further. Dexter uses the video phone to take a picture of Hannah’s surroundings and send a message to himself to analyze. Issak, listening in on the conversation, takes the phone away from Dexter. He asks Dexter why he doesn’t open up more to Hannah, but Dexter just walks away from the conversation. Back at the club, George calls Quinn to no answer, so he takes Nadia away from her job.

Dexter talks with Harry about how he couldn’t go through the guilt of someone dying for him again after Rita. How Hannah is different. He analyzes the picture of Hannah he took, realizing that she is in one of the dead Colombians house.  Angel interrupts him for another burn victim. At the crime scene, the second assassin watches the crime scene, this one in an elevator. Dexter closes the door on him and the arson investigator, where they find a name etched into the wall, “Bobby” and the shape of a person. They refer to him as a phantom. As Dexter leaves the scene, the assassin follows him. Dexter calls Issak, who tells him to go to the docks. At the club, Quinn goes to see Nadia, who tells him that George took advantage of her which is why she was pulled away. Quinn doesn’t react well, throwing George out a window and beating him before taking Nadia out of the club.

Hannah convinces Issak’s assistant that she will cook, making him fried green tomatoes. While that is going on, Dexter leads the second assassin to the boat, where Issak kills him from behind. Together, Issak and Dexter dump the bodies and the weapons. While Dexter sprays the boat of blood, George comes and shoots Issak in the stomach. Meanwhile, Hannah poisons Issaks assistant, also hitting him over the head with a blender. During the struggle, Hannah is stabbed in the stomach and passes out while struggling to reach for the keys. Dexter hears the sound of the gunshot and which George hears him coming and runs away before shooting Issak in the head. Issak asks for his body to be lain with Viktor, his lover, as his final wish. Back at the Colombian’s, Deb walks in to see the Issak’s assistant and Hannah on the floor. She calls in for backup and an ambulance, although she is reluctant to do so. At the hospital, Hannah interrogates Deb for being there, which Deb doesn’t give much away. On the boat, Dexter and Issak talk about love. Dexter wonders that maybe he wouldn’t have killed Issak because of how alike they were. He then interrupts Deb and Hannah at the hospital, where he tells Hannah that she makes him feel safe.

While all of this is going on, LaGuerta is secretly continuing her investigation into The Bay Harbour Butcher. She talks to the former chief of police, Tom, who she had gotten fired 9 weeks before his 40 year pension. At first he is cold, but then agrees to help her as long as she helps him get his pension.

So this week was another glimpse into looking at emotions on Dexters side, although it is strange to see him with yet another love interest, even if this one is actually suited for him. Something about Hannah’s looks at the end of the episode make me wonder if she really does feel the same way about Dexter though. How do you feel about this season so far? What do you think will happen in the final 3 episodes?