We all know that the big thing at Marvel right now is the ongoing ‘Death of Wolverine‘ storyline where everyone’s favorite overused X-Men is about to bite the big one, but is Marvel planning on having Deadpool join him? The Merc with the Mouth may have finally gotten a movie deal lined up and PG-13 rating or not , it seems he may soon be dead. Well, in the comics at least.

Marvel’s Senior VP of Sales & Marketing, David Gabriel, recently hinted that Deadpool or someone related to him was about to no longer be among the land of the living. While not calling Deadpool out by name, he said that, “Speaking of death, we were just talking about the upcoming death of a character in March in issue 250 of a character with the word ‘Dead’ in his name. Go figure.”

With March 2015 being the 250th issue of ‘Deadpool’ if you count all of his series tied together, it could be a hint at what is to come. Of course just because someone is dying in an issue of Deadpool with the word “Dead” in his name doesn’t mean Wade himself. It could be any of the Deadpools from alternate universes or perhaps Dead Head, although I don’t think anyone really knows or cares what he is up to these days. Of course, Marvel isn’t known for leaving characters dead and with time travel, clones, magic, healing factors, and more – even if they kill off Wade there are plenty of ways to see him return to the land of the living.

Do you think this news spells the end of the Merc with the Mouth? Do you think the real Deadpool will stay dead? Finally do you think it seems a bit convenient that this is announced right when the movie by Fox is getting traction? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter