From the start, ‘Sleepy Hollow’ has seemed one of the most impossible shows of recent memory. How could a tale of Ichabod Crane fighting the Headless Horseman in modern times make a decent mini-series, much less last a full season? Yet here we are with the second season premiere of a show that has not only survived but thrived and hit its stride.

The opening moments find our hero exactly where the finale left him: being sealed in a coffin by the sin-eater, Henry Parish, who was revealed as Ichabod’s son AND the freaking Horseman of War in a whiplashing double bang of a plot twist.

Following the quick recap events become a bit jarring. A sudden time-skip keeps resolution to the finale’s conflict shrouded while alluding to what exactly transpired since the events of the end of season one. We see our pair a year after Henry’s betrayal, better equipped and trained in a fight scene that is equal parts fist pumping and grin inducing.

Things aren’t quite what they seem, however, and a first act twist manages to shift everything we thought was going on in a different direction entirely.

Every little thing which contributed to the success of ‘Sleepy Hollow’ is present in ample amounts. We get witty banter between Ichabod and Abbie, confusion and dismay from Ichabod over a modern tradition, historical intrigue (involving no less than a naked Benjamin Franklin this time!), and the rise of a demon army eager to make their way onto Earthen soil.

Also: fist bumping.

Part of this series success is how eagerly it embraces the ridiculousness of its premise coupled with great character interactions. The relationship between Abbie and Ichabod is as fun as ever, and it appears Abbie’s roguish sister, Jenny, will be expanded this season. Perhaps even fully integrated into the team, which would be quite welcome as she brings another dynamic to their interactions.

Another great developing scenario lies with Ichabod’s wife, Katrina Crane. She now lies in the hands of the Headless horseman whose true identity is revealed to be a former love interest, which should prove as an interesting development for the episodes to come.

Mysteries still remain. What has happened to the self-sacrificing Captain Irving? Will Ichabod ever be truly reunited with his wife, now trapped in the headless hands of evil? What is the real reason these men are siding with Moloch besides the whole conquering the world bit? ‘Sleepy Hollow’ poses these questions and more while seeming genuinely eager to answer them.

I, however, pose yet another question: will we ever see the return of Yolanda?