Nintendo of Japan has released an up-close video advertisement for their upcoming New 3DS.

For those who don’t now, the New 3DS is a brand new model of the famous Nintendo portable console that updates its design and features in several new ways.

The newly released commercial shows off the portable’s updated functionality which includes the ability for its 3D effect to work regardless of angle, reconfigured buttons and the addition of an analog nub, an extra control stick that works primarily for video games that feature camera movement and control. The latter is a tremendous update to the portable’s design since owners of older 3DS models previously needed to buy a separate peripheral called the Circle Pad Pro if they wanted use to an additional control stick.

The New 3DS will also allow for added customization with the ability to buy replaceable plate covers. Designs for the system’s plates will range from ones with different colors to ones featuring Nintendo’s most famous characters.

Due in part to its faster CPU, the portable will be able to download games from the eShop much quicker than previous 3DS models. Because of this added power, exclusive games are also planned to release specifically for the New 3DS. Nintendo has already announced the updated portable’s first exclusive title, a port of ‘Xenoblade Chronicles,’ an RPG originally released for the Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo has highlighted the console’s NFC support which allow for instant compatibility with company’s upcoming ‘Skylanders’-esque ‘amiibo’ toyline, a series of figures that give 3DS games added features.

The New 3DS will release in Japan in October and in Australia in November. It will come both in standard and XL sizes. No release date has been announced for the New 3DS in North America and Europe. However, it is expected to launch sometime later on.

Source: GameSpot