Last year, Mojang, the Swedish video game developer that brought us ‘Minecraft,’ announced that it was in talks with Warner Bros. about a potential movie based on the popular sandbox game ‘Minecraft.’ Yesterday they finally announced a director for the movie. It was announced on the official Mojang blog that Rob McElhenny (creator of the TV series ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) has been chosen to direct the movie. It seems that the decision may have been made a while ago, since the blog also states that Rob had been present at Minecon, a recent convention held in London all about Minecraft, for Minecraft fans. If the deal had been sealed already, they probably waited to announce this in order to not steal any of the thunder from the release of the trailer for the first episode of Telltale Games’ upcoming series, ‘Minecraft: Story Mode.’

Not a whole lot is known about the ‘Minecraft’ movie as of yet, since it’s still in the very early stages of development. We do know that it’s expected to be a big budget movie, and that Roy Lee (producer for ‘The Lego Movie’) has been attached to the movie as a producer.

A list on of upcoming video game movies lists the plot of Minecraft as a young man who is left alone in the world of Minecraft and who must get to the end to slay a dragon and take his world back. However I searched around to find confirmation of this from an official source and couldn’t anything. That’s not to say this is false information, just that at this time it’s only hearsay.

What do you think? Is McElhenny the right director for the job? If not, who would you rather see? Let us know in the comments below.

Since the ‘Minecraft’ movie is still in early stages of development there is no release date at the moment, but it has been said that it will likely not be released until 2018 at the earliest.