It looks like DC wants to continue expanding their television universe and the next rumored pitch is a new series based on the exploits of Clark Kent’s younger cousin, ‘Supergirl’. As the announcement originally hit there was a rumor that writer and producer Michael Green (‘Smallville’,’Heroes’,’Green Lantern’) who has had quite a bit of experience in the world of super heroes and DC in particular would be on board to both produce and write the series, though that appears to be incorrect. We’re actually going to be seeing Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler in charge of the series. Greg Berlanti (‘Green Lantern’,’Arrow’) will be producing and Ali Adler (‘No Ordinary Family’,’Chuck’) will be writing the series.

The two previously worked together on the short lived super hero series ‘No Ordinary Family’ so know each other’s styles already. While Green was heavily rumored to have some role in the series due to his familiarity with the character from being one of the co-writers on Supergirl’s relaunch for DC’s “New 52, he is pretty busy right now working on ‘American Gods‘ with ‘Hannibal’ showrunner Bryan Fuller. As Fuller is pulling double duty work already, I have a feeling that they’ll need Green focused on that show quite a bit so I don’t expect him to be pulled in here at all unless as a consultant.

Also apparently involved will be DC’s Geoff Johns who has worked extensively on both ‘The Flash‘ and ‘Arrow‘ as an executive producer.

At this time no details or networks have been announced and I’m curious to see if they plan to tie her into any of the existing television shows or she would be a fresh start on whatever network she lands on. With ‘Arrow’,’Flash’, and ‘Gotham‘ there is a lot of ground to build upon. However, a fresh start could be a benefit as I’m also curious how they will use her without overly mentioning Superman unless she’ll exist on Earth where Clark Kent never crash landed on. Of course as sources are saying that the series won’t be called ‘Supergirl,’ it’ll be interesting to see what they end up naming it and might be how they get around mentioning Superman at all.

With it being obvious that the television and movie universes created so far have been separate it would seem that if they do want to factor in Superman somehow they would have to cast him fresh for it. If that continues to be the case we won’t be seeing this Supergirl pop up in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘. While I don’t think a Superman free world would fly I could see them just mentioning him in passing and if they ever do have him appear they could have him in shadow or used in a way where they never have to show his face.

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Source: Screen RantThe Hollywood Reporter