‘Godzilla‘ director Gareth Edwards earned the right to relaunch that classic franchise after helming the 2010 giant monster movie ‘Monsters.’ The small indie movie garnered so much attention that a sequel is now on its way, albiet without Edwards behind the lens.  Instead, Tom Green has helmed the sequel, ‘Monsters: Dark Continent’ set in the Middle East, with U.S. soldiers taking on these grotesque alien creatures.

The first movie was set in Mexico and focused mainly on two characters.  The new film appears to feature a larger cast and more actual monsters, of various sizes.  In ‘Monsters: Dark Continent’, a team of soldiers are tasked with rescuing another team that has lost radio contact in monster ground zero.  Something tells me it’s not going to go well.

The film opens on November 28 and stars Johnny Harris, Sam Keeley, Joe Dempsie, Kyle Soller, Parker Sawyers, and Nicholas Pinnock.

You can view the creepy trailer here:

What better way to escape Thanksgiving family festivities than a frightening horror movie?  Will you shake off your tryptophan stupor by checking out this new giant monster movie?

Source: Cinema Blend