In the review of the last issue of ‘Wolverine,’ I felt that it was “a well put together issue” and that I probably would “not be happy how I suspect the series will close”. This issue seemed to really push that thought as well since what we ended up with was more of the same of this entire run so far.

I’m not sure who gave the reigns of the series to Paul Cornell, but instead of over saturation being the reason most of us wanted to see Logan dead, now we probably all want him dead just so that we don’t have more stories by Cornell on the man who is the best at what he does. Apparently he’s the best at not being true to his character from the past few years that has forgotten how to fight without a healing factor and for the upteenth time is no longer immortal.

Woods art, while not spectacular, was probably 1.25 stars of the ratings that this was given. On a normal issue, this would have probably been given even more but it is quite possibly the last issue of a ‘Wolverine’ run of all time with a battle of his most known enemy. Okay, we all know Logan will be back somehow down the line but with it being the end and that fight? I have higher expectations than what was delivered.

While I understand that you’d want to close out the ‘Wolverine’ book on a Sabertooth vs. Wolverine dynamic, this just felt off. Sabertooth’s motivations and actions didn’t seem to match up with who he has been lately. I’ve gone off on length that Logan hasn’t been written properly. All in all, we get a happy ending with a bow on top that felt as if the characters were written by someone unfamiliar with who they’ve been and where the next chapter is going.

There are two annoying things that come to mind as this issue closes. One of the things I find annoying about how this ended up was Sabertooth was once more in custody. I know that super villains never stay locked up but the ‘Death of Wolverine’ story arc has him fighting Lady Deathstrike, Sabertooth, and more. So if Creed just got captured, you are telling me he is already out again? Also they’ve stressed that he will be going into his final fight alone. This story arc just made a huge deal that Logan realized he has to rely on his friends and already you have now having him ditch that idea to fight by himself.

So Marvel, way to bring us one of the most boring and inconsistent Wolverine tales in quite some time right before you kill him off. I can’t just blame Cornell for this as there are editors and others in the mix as well. I’m not exactly sure what you guys were thinking but you’re better than this. All of you are. The one thing that we can be glad about though is that the ‘Death of Wolverine’ story line isn’t going to be by Cornell so we can still have hope that he dies memorably.


Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Pete Woods