We recently found out that ‘Amityville: The Awakening‘ had not only been given a complete title but was finished, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that we already have a teaser trailer for the film. What is a surprise? It actually looks like it could be pretty good movie. I know, I was shocked too. Thinking that they were going to put together a new installment that did the franchise justice just didn’t seem believable. With a release date in the dead middle of the slow movie season on January 2nd, I’m not sure how much faith the studios have in the film.

Of course, it is Dimension Films and Blumhouse so that does hint that there will be a budget behind it at the very least. With the right kind of incentive to see a movie, it could bring out high sales for a genre film and I think director Franck Khalfoun (‘Maniac’, ‘P2′) may have given us just that.

It’s a gamble, but horror fans who check out this trailer may just have an excuse to head out in one of the coldest months of the year to see the full length feature film on the big screen. Check it out below:

Yes, I want to check this one out. I think the family that consists of actors Jennifer Jason Leigh (‘The Machinist’, ‘Road to Perdition’), Cameron Monaghan (‘Vampire Academy’, ‘The Giver‘), and Bella Thorne (‘Forget Me Not’, ‘Blended’) look like they have good chemistry and will make us care enough about the characters to worry about what is haneppening to them. While I’m sure we won’t see the studio including Ed and Lorraine Warren into the film, I would love if their investigation into the house was mentioned in passing.

What did you think of the trailer for ‘Amityville: The Awakening’? Did the series need another installation? Do you think this is one worth checking out? Share your thoughts below!

‘Amityville: The Awakening’ is set to haunt theaters on January 2nd, 2015

Source: Yahoo! Movies