The madness continues as we revisit an earlier time in the lives of Deadpool, the mutants who will eventually make up Cable’s first X-Force, and the very past itself! In ‘Deadpool Vs. X-Force’ #2, we left off with Wade having put a collar around Cable that put him under the Merc with the Mouth’s control, X-Force was scattered across the timeline trying to prevent things from getting worse, and generally everything was going bad for our heroes. For a four issue mini-series we don’t have much time left to save the timeline, the world, or our sanity!

Duane Swierczynski clearly knows Deadpool and Cable with how he has been writing this series. The rest of X-Force that is shown here are all really set in the background. Honestly though. it is so much fun watching Deadpool and Cable interact as strangers. Even if Deadpool has a brief relapse where he remembers a continuity about Cable having Hope strapped to his chest while she was still a baby, that isn’t out of character for Deadpool in the slightest!

On the art end of things, Pepe Larraz is still just nailing the 90s feel of X-Force and Deadpool to perfection. The fight scenes are beautiful while still retaining that feel that would fit well in the 90s of big guns, big abs, and whenever Deadpool was involved, over the top ridiculousness!

With X-Force mainly regulated to being space filler for two of the periods of time to be later addressed, this issue is all about Cable and Deadpool putting the hurt on one another. With Deadpool’s healing factor and Cable’s advanced training as well as his ability to use his powers – it actually looks more like Deadpool getting his behind handed to him! The dialogue is pitch perfect, the action is fun, and I just don’t know how they plan to wrap it all up with only one issue remaining! OK, time travel makes that easy actually. However, when you bring in Deadpool’s new sidekick, things are going to get hairy pretty quickly.

Nothing good can come from the last panel of this issue and yet I can’t help but wanting to know how badly it’ll end!

Long time fans of Deadpool should be huge fans of this book by now. The violence, the breaking of the fourth wall, the insanity, the in-jokes, its all here! The entire ride has been a blast and with one issue left, it’ll be interesting to see how Cable saves the day. My only real question here is will they erase the event from having ever happened while correcting the timeline, create a parallel universe with this one, or will we somehow have a way for this to all come up once again down the line. For fans of Wade Wilson you all probably have the book already. If you don’t and love the classic take on the character you should be ashamed of yourselves for not picking it up yet!


Writer: Duane Swierczynski
Artist: Pepe Larraz