With ‘Alien: Isolation’ coming this fall and the announcement that most of the original ‘Alien’ cast will be reprising their roles for the game, the character of Ellen Ripley is certainly on the minds of many.

(I can certainly relate. I found a cricket in my bathroom two weeks ago and the scenario pretty much played itself out like I was aboard ‘The Nostromo’.)

Recently, a 1986 press kit featurette from James Cameron’s sequel, ‘Aliens,’ has surfaced online. The featurette includes footage and interviews from Sigourney Weaver, director/god James Cameron, producer Gale Anne Hurd, and special effects creator Stan Winston.

Weaver delves into Ripley’s state of mind during the beginning of ‘Aliens.’ She talks about how Ripley handles the trauma from the first film and how she probably had nightmares of the event for 50 years during her cryogenic sleep between the two films. It’s not until Ripley encounters Newt where she finds someone she can finally relate to because they both are sole survivors of similar harrowing experiences. Newt reignites something in Ripley and gives her a new reason to keep fighting.

James Cameron shares his perspective on screen, stating that at its core, ‘Aliens’ is a movie about the human experience of survival. While it is a sci fi monster story that features amazing special effects brought to you by his frequent collaborator Winston, Cameron asserts that ‘Aliens’ is “a dark action piece, with a very warm human center.”

Producer Gale Anne Hurd is interviewed where she affirms that ‘Aliens’ is not a remake of Ridley Scott’s impactful film. She states that oftentimes sequels can come across as remakes. However, she asserts that Cameron wanted to make a piece that was a “continuation” of Ripley’s story that expanded upon the universe she finds herself.

Also, side note, Gale Anne Hurd rocks some amazing 80s earrings in the interview.

Take a look at the video!