There is a rumor out there right now by ‘The Wrap‘ that not only has a director been approached for the first film based on ‘The Vampire Chronicles‘ but that they have a solid game plan on what direction they are going! Offhand, I love how this franchise was timed so perfectly with the announcement of ‘Prince Lestat.’

While some of what is being announced sounds plausible on paper, I would like to also warn you that Imagine Entertainment, who is working with Universal on the adaptation, is stating that none of what we’re sharing with you is true. Are they just covering to keep things a secret or is this firmly in the rumor department? I’ll let you decide.

The first major announcement is that Josh Boone (‘The Fault in Our Stars’, ‘Stuck in Love’) is the forerunner to adapt the first film which will simply be titled ‘Lestat.’ Boone has primarily worked in romantic dramas previously, but love is always one of the core parts to Anne Rice‘s vampires which is mixed in with the Gothic horror that she has brought us over the years.

Further on with the rumor, it sounds as if they’ll be skipping over working on the ‘Interview With the Vampire’ completely and move straight on to a film that would mix together ‘The Vampire Lestat’ and ‘The Queen of the Damned’ to hopefully burn away the memory of the 2002 release of ‘Queen of the Damned.’ Scrubbing that out of my brain is something I would not complain about in the slightest! They’ll be sticking to the source material of the books and it sounds as if ‘Interview with a Vampire’ could still be considered in canon if they go this route. I have a feeling we wouldn’t see Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt return for their respective roles.

With the studio already having a script for ‘The Tale of the Body Thief’ by Christopher Rice, it seems like they could easily start filming a few films in the series. Now, with Imagine denying all of this and The Wrap affirming their sources are legitimate it is hard to tell who to believe here.

Who would you like to see cast as Lestat going forward? Do you think they should do a fresh reboot from the very beginning or would just moving forward from a combination of the second and third books sound like the way to go? Share your thoughts below!