MTV’s upcoming ‘Scream‘ series has been rounding out its cast and we’ve got four new announcements to share with you. Well, 3 casting and 1 recasting announcement, that is.

First up, we see that actress Amy Forsyth who was playing Audrey Jensen will be replaced with Bex Taylor-Klaus (‘Arrow‘, ‘House of Lies’). Audrey is Haper’s former BFF who is “the bi-curious daughter of a Lutheran pastor” who’s “more arresting-looking than pretty.” This “artsy loner” dreams of being a filmmaker and shares a close bond with tech genius Noah.

Bex-Taylor Klaus

I did say there were three new cast members as well. The following have also joined the cast.

Of the new faces we first have Bobby Campo (‘Being Human,’ ‘The Final Destination’, ”) who is playing Seth Branson. Seth is described as “a hot English teacher” at Lakewood High. He is thought of as one of the cool teachers and doesn’t mind if the focus of the class loses track as long as he can keep teaching through it.

Bobby Campo

Then there’s Connor Weil (‘Sharknado‘,’ Liv and Maddie’) who has joined as Will Belmont. Will is an all-star basketball player who loves his girlfriend, Emma. Emma is most likely the lead character who is portrayed by Willa Fitzgerald. Will? Bill? Billy? Billy Loomis? I don’t think they’ll go that predictable, at least I hope not.

Connor Weil

Finally joining the cast is Joel Gretsch (‘Witches of East End’,’ The 4400′) and will be in the role of Sheriff Clark Hudson. Most likely this will be a take on the role that David Arquette once played. Only in the series the Sheriff will also have a son named Kieran who is played by Amadeus Serafini. Interestingly enough, Kieran was originally announced as “Kieran Wilcox, the mysterious new kid in town with a dark side and a tough exterior that hint at experience beyond his years.” I wonder if he’s no longer a new kid or if Clark is a new sheriff? Either way it looks as if there was a last name change either in the script or perhaps due to a step-father in the picture.

Joel Gretsch

Well, there you have it. The fresh new leads for ‘Scream’. I’m sure we’ll see a few more names and changes before the series gets into production.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter