You just can’t keep a good horror franchise down and the latest movie based on the house at 112 Ocean Avenue now has a title: ‘Amityville: The Awakening.’  This film, put together by Dimension Films and Blumhouse Productions, is also now complete! It was directed by Franck Khalfoun (‘Maniac’, ‘P2’) who was filming for the first half of the year and has just finished post production work.

Not much is known about the plot that will take place in the latest Amityville installment, but we do know that it stars Jennifer Jason Leigh (‘The Machinist’, ‘Road to Perdition’), Cameron Monaghan (‘Vampire Academy’, ‘The Giver‘), and Bella Thorne (‘Forget Me Not’, ‘Blended’). These actors will star as the family that moves into the house.

It’ll be curious to see if they will tie in the investigation by Ed and Lorraine Warren from the movie ‘The Conjuring‘ considering how successful that film has been in shining a light on the career of these two real life paranormal investigators. Sadly, I don’t think the rights for a movie based off the novel would work out for that. However, as it is based on true events, it’s always feasible that it could happen.

While we don’t know the plot of the movie yet, you can imagine that with the sub-title  ‘The Awakening,’ one can only assume that this occurs after the events of the original film. This is most likely going to be about the poor family mentioned that is going to have their lives ruined by this house. If this is in any way a continuation of the series, I bet we’ll get a shot of a realtor looking guilty about having not told them what exactly happened previously in their home.

Are you looking to have another tour of the house that just keeps on giving or has Hollywood mined this haunting too long as it is?

Source: Shock Till You Drop