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There has been a lot of rumors that were just debunked that Katee Sackhoff (‘Battlestar Galactica‘,’Riddick‘) was going to play Captain Marvel and might even be making her debut appearance in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron.’ That’s right fellow fanboys, Sackhoff who is known for her amazing roles as a strong woman on film is not currently involved as Captain Marvel for the studio. Rumors initially appeared after she mentioned that she was meeting with Stan Lee about a secret project.

After previous rumors back in February that Captain Marvel may show up in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron,’ the two seemed to go hand in hand.

However, she quickly threw out that this was not a Marvel project on Twitter.

That didn’t stop the rumor mill from churning out that she would be a part of the series however. I’m sure it didn’t help that she’s also stated that she could “have fun with” the role if she did end up taking on the part of Ms. Marvel. In a recent interview, however, Katee has put these rumors to bed by saying, “At this moment, I have not sat down with anybody from Marvel for any role specifically.” However she did add that it “doesn’t necessarily mean that something with Marvel is completely off the table in the future.”

Which anyone who thinks that she would make a good Carol Danvers would be thrilled to see. I know I would.

She also threw in that “Any time I can play a strong female lead that’s a role model, it’s a good day.”

What about the project she was working on with Stan Lee? Well it is “not necessarily a movie and not necessarily a super hero that you would think of” which could mean a television, video game, web, or comic series most likely. That really doesn’t narrow it down though.

What do you think that Sackhoff has up her sleeve for Stan Lee? Do you think she’s make a great Ms. Marvel that eventually becomes Captain Marvel? Share your thoughts below true believers!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter