One of classic video games’ most legendary titles, and today’s most anticipated games of 2015 drops a new trailer! ‘Mortal Kombat X’ follows one of Gaming’s most impressive reboots, the re-imagining was very successful and fans are more than excited for the new release!

Creator Ed Boon has been tantalizing us for quite some time now, until the gloriously gory trailer dropped. So far we have witnessed the return of Raiden, one of the games more iconic characters. With this new gameplay trailer, we are gifted with another classic return- that of the brutal Kano!

I’m loving the battleground graphics in this trailer! Being a graphics guy, I’m appreciating the depth, attention to detail, and realism presented. In this trailer we see Kano (with his upgraded bio-mechanics) tear hell and seven dollars out of D’Vorah, a new character. D’Vorah comes off as a twisted, darkling elf/fairy type of character with an odd affinity for… bread loaf sized maggots that metamorphoses into large, stinging insects on command.  Pounding on his cybernetic “heart” for increased power makes him reminiscent of DC Comics’ most substantial bad guys, Bane.

If Kano’s merciless cybernetic attack wasn’t devastating enough, his knife attack is just as effective and horrific. You’ll see Kano make use of the stunning background graphics as he uses a vine for a swinging attack that seems fairly overwhelming to his hapless opponent.

The trailer focuses on Kano’s three fighting styles, ‘Cutthroat,’ ‘Cybernetic,’ and ‘Commando.’ Although he appears a bit different in the new game, older, he is still very powerful. Another classic addition to ‘Mortal Combat X’ is Cassie Cage, in which Kano will have a rare opportunity to go up against!

And now, Faithful Followers, without further ado! The new trailer! Enjoy!

So stay tuned right here, fellow gamers! More awesome trailers are on the way, and ‘Mortal Kombat X’ is set to release in 2015 on these platforms: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and the PC.

Source: Gaame Rant