After just making a huge casting update, HBO’s upcoming science fiction western remake ‘Westworld‘ has another big name to add to its ranks! The ever daunting Ed Harris (‘Gravity’, ‘The Rock’) has signed on to join with Anthony Hopkins, James Marsden, Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, Rodrigo Santoro, Shannon Woodward, Ingrid Bolso Berdal, Angela Sarafyan, Eddie Rouse, Kyle Bornheimer, and Simon Quarterman. Talk about one hell of an amazing cast for a television series!

Harris is no stranger to science fiction having starred in films such as ‘Snowpiercer’ and ‘The Abyss’ as well as the western themed ‘Appaloosa’. Not only that, but he has the voice and demeanor to play a darker character. With his role being announced as The Man in Black, who is going to be the “personification of pure evil”, you know that Harris is someone who can easily pull that off! Honestly, I always want him to play more villains and if Marvel isn’t snatching him up to play any, I can settle for a dark western role for him.

Talk about a perfect casting for pure evil!

As this will be an ongoing series, I am truly curious as to if they will be focused on just the western themed area of the park or will be exploring other historical environments. As there was the original film ‘Westworld’, a sequel ‘Futureworld’, and a mini-television series of ‘Beyond Westworld.’ there is plenty of course material to mine. Not only that, but the concept is open-ended enough to give us plenty of original stories as well.

I can’t wait to see what HBO does with it!

How about you? Are you looking forward to HBO’s take on an amusement park for the rich where they are able to take place in all kinds of debauchery in scenarios based on the past which is populated with synthetic beings? Share your thoughts below!

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