What the quack? Marvel is bringing us a slew of classic ‘Howard the Duck‘ comics in hardcover omnibus form! For a character created back in 1973, Howard has lent himself on and off to the Marvel Universe in a variety of ways over the years and now is being given a proper tribute. The omnibus will be released this October and is partially related to the 75th anniversary of the company.

The character was originally created by Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik and is from the planet Duckworld. This new collection will bring up many of the origin and key moments from the character’s past collecting his appearances from ‘Adventures Into Fear’ #19, ‘Man-Thing’ #1, ‘Giant-Size Man-Thing’ #4-5, ‘Howard the Duck’ #1 – #33, ‘Marvel Treasury Edition’ #12, and ‘Marvel Team-Up’ #96. That’s 39 issues of quacking awesome!

Howard the Duck has a special place in the Marvel Universe, but not only from his rather strange way of being one of the first aliens to have moved to the Earth in the 616 Universe. He was the second Marvel movie to have ever been released, which ended up being George Lucas’s first major flop at the box office back in 1986. Aside from that, he was also a thorn in Disney’s side as he was a bit of a satire on Donald Duck when he first started out, clearly Disney got the last laugh there.

Being “trapped on a world he never made” has thrown Howard through the ringer and included him in such major events — even recent ones such as ‘Heroes Reborn’, ‘Civil War’, ‘Secret Invasion’, ‘Marvel Zombies’,’ and ‘Fear Itself’. While having his own adventures as wel,l it has been his inclusion in other properties that have kept him fun to have around.

Are you looking forward to checking out the original stories of ‘Howard the Duck’? Will this be a refresher for you on the character or your first experience with him? Share your thoughts below true believers!