We’ve known for a couple of years that MTV wanted to bring an ongoing ‘Scream‘ series to the small screen and it looks as if they are finally releasing casting information on the show. While early rumors had Wes Craven actively involved in the series it has been officially announced that Jill Blotevogel (‘Stephen King’s Dead Zone’, ‘Ravenswood’) is on board as the series’ showrunner, Jamie Travis (‘Faking It’, ‘The Saddest Boy In THe World’) will be sitting in the director’s chair, and Jay Beattie with Dan Dworkin are on writing duty.

But who is going to star in it you might be asking?

Some of the casting choices might be familiar to you with Willa Fitzgerald (‘Alpha House’, ‘Royal Pains’) will be in the starring role and Amy Forsyth (‘Torment’, ‘Reign’), John Karna (‘Bindlestiffs’, ‘The Neighbors’), Carlson Young (‘True Blood‘, ‘The Kroll Show’), and Amadeus Serafini will all be in as the main supporting cast.

Fitzgerald is in the role of Emma Duvall. The character was originally named Harper and is described as “A 16-year-old beauty “who’s a little too introverted and intellectual to be a social butterfly” but has nevertheless been anointed by the popular crowd to be one of their own. “She feels guilty that she has drifted away from former best friend Audrey,” but at least she’s got a Gilmore Girls-esque relationship with mom Maggie to keep her sane.”

Amy Forsyth will be taking on the role of Audrey Jensen who was initially described as Haper’s former BFF who is “the bi-curious daughter of a Lutheran pastor” who’s “more arresting-looking than pretty.” This “artsy loner” dreams of being a filmmaker and shares a close bond with tech genius Noah.

John Karna will be Noah Foster who will be “Audrey’s closest confidante is “creative, brilliant and tech-savvy enough to be the next Steve Jobs.” Lucky for him, he’s got a great sense of humor (“a la John Cusack in his teen prime”) that helps him navigate the halls of his high school. What’s more, Noah possesses “an encyclopedic knowledge of books, films, TV, apps, etc.” I wonder if we’ll see him dead by the end of the first season?

Carlson Young is set to be Brooke Maddox who wasn’t in the initial characters but appears to be ” the charismatic leader of the popular crew whose personality vacillates between bubbly sweetness and ferocious sex appeal.” Amadeus Serafini is also a previously unannounced character as “Kieran Wilcox, the mysterious new kid in town with a dark side and a tough exterior that hint at experience beyond his years.”

No word on who will be playing Emma’s mother who was previously named Maggie and is “in her early to mid-40s, is the town’s medical examiner, “a grown-up science geek who plays down her beauty.” Maggie spends a lot of her time trying to make up for the fact that Harper’s dad abandoned them. Oh, and she’s harboring “a dark secret from her past.” Maybe they could really screw with the audience and throw piles of money at Neve Campbell until she took the part.

While I think the ‘Scream’ concept is ripe to be turned into an ongoing series, I’m not sure that MTV would have been my choice for where I’d like to see it happen. I suppose only time and the first trailer that gets released will tell us what to expect from it.

Are you going to check out the ‘Scream’ series when it debuts? What’s YOUR favorite scary TV show?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter