We’ve known for awhile now that Josh Trank was tapped to direct one of the ‘Star Wars‘ spin-off films and now we know why. While it is still a mystery on which film he’ll be tackling, it looks as if he’ll be paired up with writer Simon Kinberg for it and that Kinberg is why he even has the director’s chair at all!

The two are currently working together on the ‘Fantastic Four‘ reboot and things must be going very well between them for Kinberg to give such a push to get Trank behind the camera for ‘Star Wars’ as well.

When asked if he had a hand in having Trank direct the film, Kinberg responded, “Yeah, I did. I spoke very highly of Josh to the Lucasfilm guys. They were interested in him because he, like Rian [Johnson, director of Episode VIII] and like Gareth [Edwards, director of a 2016 spin-off], is very much that next generation filmmaker. He comes from a background of making a big movie without a big budget. Which I think is also, not that these movies…they’ll have huge budgets, but the sort of the tradition that George [Lucas] started was somebody that came from making American Graffiti to making a huge science fiction movie. And so there was some of that sort of vibe I know Lucasfilm likes about these new filmmakers. But yeah, I definitely was involved in that process.”

So the two do seem to enjoy working together and this most likely won’t be the end of their collaborating either! When asked if they had any future plans, Kinberg responded with “I think we will, in one form or another, be working together again.” That kind of a statement makes me suspect they already have something planned up their sleeves. Whatever that may be, though, will have to wait a bit as they are currently knee deep in ‘Fantastic Four’ and will probably be working on the ‘Star Wars’ spin-off almost immediately after.

What do you think about Trank working on one of the spin-offs? Are you worried that with all of the apprehension behind ‘Fantastic Four’ that these two might not be the perfect pair or are you willing to wait until we at least get a trailer to see what they were able to put together so far? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Slash Film