Well it looks as if ‘Ghostbusters 3’ has finally found a director since Ivan Reitman has stepped down from the job and directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (‘The Lego Movie’) passed on it. Sony is in the process of signing on Paul Feig (‘The Office’, ‘Nurse Jackie’) to take on continuing this classic 80s franchise. Not only that, but it would appear that they are eyeing a female lead at the moment too. While it isn’t official yet, it seems that Feig is interested and is at the top of Sony’s list of potential directors.

Feig has previously proven that he can direct both drama and comedy though not horror. Hopefully they still plan on bringing in a bit of the creepiness into the film that was found in the original. Last we heard, the script that the studio wanted to use was the one written by Etan Cohen (‘Tropic Thunder’) though now it seems that Feig will be rewriting the project from scratch.

I’m a bit surprised with the mentioning of a female lead. We already know that Emma Stone (‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’) turned down a role in the film and it hardly seems likely that they would offer her anything aside from a leading part. Of course, with a new script in hand there is a chance that if the role was re-offered she may reconsider.

I think we’ve all learned at this point not to get our hopes too far up for the third film with how many issues have come up with production so far. Do you think Sony may have finally found a director? Do you think that his previous work would be a good fit for going forward with the ‘Ghostbusters’ franchise?

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