It’s been a few issues since we’ve been covering ‘X-Men‘ as the current story line that has involved the villain known as ‘Future’ has felt lackluster and forced the entire way through. Now that it is coming to a close, I had to see how they wrapped it up and what direction they were pointing us moving forward.

First let me say that the main highlight here is Paco Diaz Luque’s artwork throughout the entire issue and a scene where they have Storm truly let loose with her powers. The word ‘Goddess’ gets bandied about with her quite often, but it is rare that they show us what she can be truly capable of and they don’t have her pulling punches in this issue. She let’s loose big time and it almost felt wrong that someone else had to tell her to pull back.

That being said, Storm being told to pull back while she is supposedly in charge is one of the core issues here. Almost every single member of her X-Men is acting independently of one another and not letting the others know what is happening. Rachel, as the psychic link between the team, would be a good way to have them all working together while independent but it feels as if she wasn’t keeping anyone updated in real time until someone made a mistake or unless she was asked to.

Oh, they also found a way to tie in Arkea from the series introduction. That story line was at least interesting and has given us a future for the series to run with. While she’s still mostly dead and gone, Beast has potentially given her a way back in this issue. Also the characters she had previously resurrected are still unaccounted for.

The team itself? They just doesn’t come together as a solid unit even by the issue’s end. They continue to all be strong willed and doing their own thing. They just do it with the same goal in mind for a change. I really don’t feel that they’ve setup Storm for a strong leadership role which she has had in the past nor do I feel that anyone has evolved in the series aside from Jubilee into a more motherly figure. Jubilee is mostly left in the background with a great end while Psylocke feels like an afterthought with how great she is being used in the current run of ‘X-Force.’

I’m really torn on this series. I really like the team that they have for Storm’s take on the ‘X-Men,’ though feel that none of them have gotten enough screen time to make it worthwhile. The current plot finished up seemingly far too easily here and a villain that could have shown up again was taken off the table. With Storm’s daughter from the future leaving the team, there doesn’t seem to be an immediate lead in to where they will be going from here on out. With Wood off the series after this issue I’m hoping it’ll take a turn for the better.


X-MEN #17
Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Paco Diaz Luque