At a recent Comic-Con announcement we’ve just found out who Godzilla might be up against in the upcoming sequel, ‘Godzilla 2.’ With which epic creature it is, there is a good chance it could be the one that leads into the third film as well! So who will Gareth Edwards be bringing to the big screen to fight the King of the Kaiju?

A video was shown at this year’s Comic-Con of Edwards jokingly saying he was busy with a small science fiction film (you know, one of the ‘Star Wars’ stand-alone films) before he could direct the next ‘Godzilla’  so he decided to share a list of names of all of the monsters who could be in the sequel – except the list was then all bleeped out.

Head of Legendary Pictures, Thomas Tull, wasn’t going to let the audience go without anything though and shared a black and white video that displayed world wide destruction going down with the text “There is still one secret that remains hidden… There are others.” Not only that but it also showed off three monsters from the ‘Godzilla’ cinematic universe: Rodan, Ghidorah, and the one that I am most excited for, Mothra!

The video ended with “Let them fight!”

Need a refresher as to which character is which? Here’s a brief explanation of each from the Godzilla database:

Mothra – Since her first film, Mothra has been depicted in various stages of the lepidopteran life cycle: Mothra’s mammoth egg is decoratively colored in blue and yellow waves. The egg hatches into her larva, a massive brown, segmented caterpillar (resembling a silkworm) with glowing blue, sometimes red, eyes. In rare circumstances, twins may emerge from the egg. The caterpillar eventually spins a silken cocoon around itself (the pupa stage), and from this cocoon the imago (adult) Mothra emerges, a gigantic moth-like creature with brightly-colored wings. Mothra’s life cycle—particularly the tendency of an imago’s death to coincide with its larvae hatching—echoes that of the Phoenix, resembling resurrection and suggesting divinity. She is among Toho’s most popular characters, primarily among female fans, and she has appeared in every ‘Godzilla’ film era.

Rodan – Aside from his impressive speed and agility, Rodan possesses a variety of special abilities. He is capable of creating destructive shockwaves when flying, which he has used to demolish major cities such as Tokyo and Moscow. In addition, Rodan can cause powerful winds while on the ground by simply flapping his wings. He also uses his beak and talons effectively in battle (as shown in ‘Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla 2,’ where his beak was powerful enough to crush boulders) , and his wings, despite their delicate appearance, are quite durable. Rodan can lift creatures several times his weight, for instance, Godzilla. Rodan also usually has spikes on his head and chest, which he may use in battle.

King Ghidorah was referred to as either “Ghidrah” or “Ghidorah” in the American versions of his first three movies, ‘Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster,’ ‘Invasion of Astro-Monster’ and ‘Destroy All Monsters,’ because they sounded more like “hydra.” He wasn’t referred to as “King Ghidorah” in an original American release of one of his movies until ‘Godzilla vs. Gigan.’ King Ghidorah is a golden dragon monster with two legs, three heads on long necks, giant bat-like wings, and two tails. King Ghidorah’s multiple heads were inspired by Yamata no Orochi, an eight-headed dragon from Japanese mythology.

While Tull didn’t confirm that these monsters will appear in the sequel, these are just the ones that they want to explore. If Mothra isn’t in it, I’d love for them to at least start off with her egg for the third film.

Which of these monsters would you love to see Edwards bring to the big screen next? Do you have a preference on a specific character or set of characters? Share your thoughts below!

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