Will The Lost 3-Vinyl Soundtrack Warm Up Your Holiday?
Mondo Record Label

Now that a big chunk of the country is covered in snow, couldn’t everyone use a trip to someplace a little more tropical?  Especially with Christmas approaching?  But beware, there are still polar bears to be wary of, not to mention smoke monsters.  I’m talking, of course, about ABC’s iconic series ‘Lost’ and if you are missing the famous castaways, here is a package that will let you relive that adventure– a three vinyl record collection, featuring a live performance from earlier this year, of Michael Giacchino’s score for the series.  This special concert and this physical release are in honor of ‘Lost’s 15th anniversary.

The concert took place and was recorded in Dublin, Ireland, and featured selections of Giacchino’s score performed by the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra.  The 18 tracks were selected from throughout ‘Lost’s six-season run.  The album artwork is by JC Richard, and the set includes liner notes from Giacchino himself, ‘Lost’ showrunners Damon Lindelof, and Carlton Cuse, and Variety’s Tim Grieving.

Speaking to Nerdist, Giacchino said:

“What I noticed is when we do these concerts, people come from all over the world—from South Africa, from China, from Japan, from everywhere.  And yet, as many people that do make it, there’s still a ton of people that don’t have the money to fly out. So we thought, let’s record it and put out an album.”

The set is being released by Mondo Records and manager Mo Shafeek said:

“With LOST, Michael Giacchino crafted some of the most iconic and memorable music in Science Fiction media of the last 15 years.  This live concert album acts as a Greatest Hits of sorts, but it’s also of how important his music was to the impact of the show.”

Mondo Record Label

Here is a tease, “We Have to Go Back”:


And finally, here is a track listing of exactly what will be on these three records:

Disc One – Side A
01. Happy Landings 6:58
02. LOST: Main Theme 3:04
03. Live Together, Die Alone 6:11
Disc One – Side B
01. Smoke Monsters 3:58
02. Locke’d Out Again 4:11
03. Take a Hike 8:12
Disc Two – Side A
01. Everyone Loves Hugo 5:26
02. The Constant 3:51
03. Getting Ethan 1:52
Disc Two – Side B
01. Life and Death 7:59
02. Parting Words 6:15
03. The Others 5:20
Disc Three – Side A
01. AB Aeterno 5:17
02. Oceanic Six 3:28
03. Temple of Boom 4:37
Disc Three – Side B
01. LAX 4:22
02. The Tangled Web 5:39
03. Moving On 9:26
The three-disc set will be released this Friday, November 15, at MondoTees.com and will retail for $50.  Will this be included on your Christmas list?