When I heard that Lifetime was increasing its genre shows with ‘The Lottery,’ I will openly admit that I was skeptical. I will now openly admit that I was completely in the wrong and this is a show you should be adding to your list of series to check out this year. It’s interesting, it’s smart, and most importantly they draw you in with questions which lead to more questions that leave you wanting more!

‘The Lottery’ is scribed by ‘Children of Men’ screenwriter Timothy J. Sexton. While it might seem odd that he would return to such a similar concept to the movie, it won’t have the same vibe and in this series you get an entirely different take on what’s going on. The first episode starts off a bit slow and gives us an introduction to a world where no child is being born and those that are out there are more precious than gold.

In this episode, we follow three main story lines Here is a brief overview of what you’ll be seeing, there are a few spoilers within if you haven’t watched any of the trailers or read the synopsis though I’ve tried to keep them at a minimum.

The Government
Elections are coming up and the political party in power isn’t doing well. Protests are cropping up all over the nation as people are angry with mandatory fertilization tests across the country. In order to keep riots from breaking out as well as stay in power, the administration needs a win, and they need it soon. They get one by the end of the first episode thanks to a scientific breakthrough where they are able to fertilize 100 eggs and will run a lottery for all women in the country to have a chance to carry them to term. We also see a moment here where the first family has a moment of regret for not having a child. I wonder if they will somehow end up being one of the lucky 100? If so, will that mean that the lottery was fixed? Even if it wasn’t, would anyone truly believe it?

The Corporation
Thanks to a brilliant scientist there is the win not only for the administration but the human race as a whole! She has found a way to fertilize eggs. Only things aren’t quite as they seem. Right after the breakthrough, the scientist is let go and the company is working closely with the government on moving forward. While she tries to contact the original egg donors, she finds an interesting fact about the sperm that was used to fertilize the eggs. That’s when bad things start to happen. As bodies start to pile up, it is quickly clear something else is at play here.

The Family
A father will do anything for his son — especially if his son happens to be the last child born. The father has a much more recreational way to pay his bills than spend his time as a programmer, which seems great at first. That is, until things go south and his child gets sick and he isn’t available to take the call. Another mystery crops up as his son is suddenly taken from him and he is being framed as an irresponsible parent. As a parent he’ll do anything to get his son back even if it means being on the wrong side of the law.

Only by the end of the episode he is made even more important than initially shown.

The acting is top notch and while a few moments are slow in the build up , none of your time will feel wasted. The show is part science fiction, part political thriller, part corporate greed, and all entertainment. If you are on the fence on checking the show out when it is released I suggest making sure to take the hour to check it out. You won’t regret it. Things are not quite what they seem and I can’t wait for the next episode to unearth the secrets the writers have buried within.



‘The Lottery’ premieres Sunday, July 20 at 10/9c on Lifetime.