‘Original Sin’ is nearing its climax, so things are really heating up. While secrets are being revealed all over the Marvel Universe, one of the biggest ones has come to light in Jason Aaron’s massive crossover event series involving the resilient super spy Nick Fury. After seeing his true face, we’ve learned that he’s secretly been acting as Earth’s top cop for years to keep the planet safe from a variety of threats.

Now, with Fury advanced in years these days, he reveals that he assembled the collection of heroes to find his replacement. As the group including the likes of Doctor Strange, the Punisher, Gamora, Ant-Man, the Winter Soldier, and Emma Frost try to solve the mystery of the Watcher’s murder, they must now deal with an army of LMDs resembling one of the most respected individuals in the hero community. However, who knows how much longer he’ll be among them since the Avengers are knocking on his door.

So far, I’ve been pretty on board with this whole event. After ‘Age of Ultron’, it’s nice to get invested in a storyline with some payoffs. However, this issue felt a little bit like filler. There were definitely some big plot points contained within, but some of it could have been in the last issue that showed us the flashbacks of Fury’s missions. For instance, the bit about the Infinity Formula wearing out could have gone in there. That way, at least the fight against the Fury’s robot army or the interrogation of the Orb could have been built up a little bit more before the Avengers arrived.

The best part of this issue for me was all the reactions to Nick Fury’s big secret, specifically Scott Lang and Gamora’s responses. Those two seemed like the voices of the readers who were also thinking that some of them might not be best replacements. However, with Avengers NOW coming up, we may see how some of them step up more in the coming months.

Another thing that I liked about the issue was that they addressed the Infinity Formula. From the second that Nick’s secret got out, I was wondering about that since it’s supposed to ensure that whoever takes it will age much, much slower than the average person. Now, I’m just wondering what Nick Fury Jr. is doing during all of this. Of course, the answer is that he’s doing whatever they’re doing in the ‘Original Sin: Secret Avengers’ Infinite Comic, but hopefully he shows up at some point to weigh in on his father’s activity.

Overall, the past two issues of ‘Original Sin’ have brought us to a lull in the story. Although, with the things that were set up in these books, the final two issues should be pretty action-packed. At least, I hope that’s the case because things have been pretty good up until now.

Final Score:




Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Mike Deodato & Frank Martin
Cover by Julian Totino Tedesco